Return to a Routine

So we can all admit that it’s rough returning to a routine after any sort of break, doubly so when you travel(or at least it is for me). My husband and I don’t travel a ton, although we have gone to some super cool places together! We got married in Denver, Colorado, took a cruise to Mexico(Progresso and Cozumel), spent a weekend in Chicago, Illinois, spent a weekend in Broken Bow, Oklahoma and went back to Colorado(although Winter Park) in the two and half years ish that we have been married. So not a whole lot of travel but we have fun when we do!

But man was it hard to get back into a routine this week. It’s only Tuesday and I feel like it’s been a month since spring break. My alarm going off at 5 every morning certainly doesn’t help, but neither does my staying up past 11 every night. I have very poor self control when it comes to bed time lol.

Me this entire week.

Is it just me or is adulting(and settling into a not self destructive routine) super hard these days? Maybe it’s working in a school and the attitude shift that seems to happen in the kiddos after coming back from break, or maybe it’s my advanced age that makes life hard in spring. The weather has been so beautiful these past couple of days, fairly warm with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine and I’ve just wanted to spend all of my time laying in a hammock under a big beautiful tree. I’m trying to push through it and actually get some productivity back into my life. For instance, today I started a load of laundry before going and having some delicious Mexican food and a strawberry marg. But baby steps back to adulting routine right?

I’ve also been working on getting back into the writing routine that I got situated in before spring break. This includes writing on this blog every day(and actually posting it) and writing at least 200 words in my novel. Today I wrote about 250 of this scene where Edward starts celebrating his birthday. It started coming out super clunky in the beginning but I think that, by the end of my brief writing session, it smoothed out. Not quite ready to share that brief excerpt but I’ll probably share something by Friday of this week so stay tuned. I have to refine and write some more before I’m ready to share anything!

So I would love to hear from you guys! Where are your favorite places that you’ve traveled? What’s the hardest part about coming back from vacation? How do you self motivate to actually adult when the weather is beautiful and the desire to lounge is strong??? Drop a comment wherever you can!

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