Back from my Winter Wonderland

Hello all!

After a brief hiatus, I’m back at the writing game. I was in Winter Park, Colorado last week for spring break and it was magical! I went with my husband, my sister and my nephew.

We drove the 900 miles both ways and lived through the worst snow storm in at least a decade. Below you can see an awful panoramic that I took near the top of the continental divide during the aforementioned snow storm. My fingers were freezing because I had to take my gloves off to take a picture. Oh well, I never needed fingers anyway.

We went snowmobiling, tubing, made a snow fort and had so much delicious food(obviously I like to use snapchats location filter on my food pictures). Being snowed in on Wednesday and Thursday meant that we only went places within walking distance. I’m not mad at all that we did so much walking, because I obviously needed it.

Today I went back to work at my intermediate school and it felt good to be back in my routine. With that comes my imagination running wild with ideas of where my story will go! So I’ll leave it at this brief update post for now, but I’ll be writing a lot more this week and will share another excerpt at some point this week! Thanks for reading friends!

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