Progress and Promised Prose

Here’s an excerpt from a giant battle scene in my unnamed work in progress (maybe someday I’ll develop a title but oh well, that day is not today).

You will meet Edward, my main man, and hear the name of his bestie for the restie, Mark (I am a major fan of strong male names, I guess). For a frame of reference Edward is the angsty-ish crown prince of Caeyeli. He’s had to grow up a lot in a short amount of time so I feel bad for him, but he is really blossoming. Hopefully y’all will enjoy him as much as I do! 

Edward stood on the precipice, looking out on the plain below him. He watched the enemy force pouring over the plain, eating up the expanse before the base of the mountain rapidly. “Get ready, they are almost here,” he said in a low voice to his right hand man, Mark. Mark nodded and gestured to the warriors to be as still as possible. The snow was blanketing them, camouflaging and almost certainly affording them the advantage of surprise in the battle to come.

The Eblon army knew that they were in the mountains somewhere, but Edward was certain that they didn’t expect the Caeyelian forces to be in the Crevasse Pass, one of the most dangerous areas of the mountains. This area was covered in a mixture of ice and dirt from years of weathering and had deep crevasses that shifted with the season and therefore was not trusted for travel by all of the inhabitants of the area. Edward knew it was a risky move, but also knew that this was his best chance at overcoming Eblon in battle.

Edward took a deep breath and reached out toward his forward company in the bottleneck of the pass, using his powers to adjust the snow blanketing them. He wanted the best possible cover for his forward company. He then focused on the earth that he had shifted to offer bridges over the crevasses, as well as the light layer he had placed that could hold the weight of snow but no more than that. He made sure that the bridges would support his people and that the light cover would collapse under too much weight. He turned back to the plain, watching the Eblonian army start the trek up the mountain. Edward stilled his mind and prepared for the battle that was to come. He must win or else all will be lost.

Fun fact: I actually wrote that small excerpt today, in a moment of inspiration that struck like lightning. I could suddenly see my protagonist staring out over the plain looking at the impending invasion under a blanket of snow (wonder how I thought of snow…) and the rest just flowed. It is so cool to see this unfold in my mind bit by bit. Before today I have mostly (maybe completely) written only beginning parts of my book, so seeing this battle unfold gave me all of the tingly feelings, much like Ron Swanson below. Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Progress and Promised Prose

  1. Susan Hernandez March 5, 2019 — 8:50 pm

    Good start! Writing is good for understanding life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to improve all the time.


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