Dreaming of Snow

Tonight I’m sitting here in the DFW Metroplex, dreaming of all of the snow that I’ll be seeing next week when I spend spring break in Winter Park, Colorado with my husband, sister and nephew. I’m dreaming of the mountains and the snow and super cold temps that I’ll get to experience. All of the planning that the three adults have been doing tonight really has me longing to pack up my car and set off tonight(although I’m sure my job and both of theirs would have something to say about that). As a native Texan, the snow in Colorado will be a highly foreign experience to me. My husband and I got married in Colorado but it was November and of course it didn’t snow in Denver until the week after we got home but oh well. I can’t wait to experience the beauty that I’m sure I will get to see and take all of the pictures that don’t even remotely do it justice.

I also think that this will be good inspiration for some future scenes in my currently unnamed work in progress. There are some mountains that are going to play a pretty important role in the story and I’ll put this whole trip down to research for it lol. I’m not super sure how most writers do their research(probably google or maybe using real life experience?) but I’m doing it in a very haphazard way, and double checking what I think I know because the last thing I want is for my husband to read it and lecture me about using a long bow on horseback(one of his MAJOR pet peeves). Maybe the snow will inspire me to write about a battle(with magic of course) in the mountains!

Thats right, there’s swordplay and giant battles and magic in my work in progress. It’s super fun to write so far and I feel like my characters are telling me what they are doing as we are going along. I look back at the notes that I made at the very beginning of writing and laugh at how far I’ve already gone off course of where I thought I was going in just twenty five ish pages. I can only imagine where I will end up by the time that I finish the whole thing!

I’m thinking that I may start sharing some of the excerpts of what I’ve written in some of my favorite scenes if anyone is interested(and probably will any way even if no one is!). Let me know if/what you want me to share! Thanks for reading!

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