Losing Yourself in a Good Book

One of my all time favorite things in the world is settling into a good book with a hot cup of delicious coffee. I can read in pretty much any environment, but the best for me is my home, on my big ugly green chair with a cup of coffee and a book that I can completely lose myself in.

Luckily, I have always had the ability to completely lose myself in a story and tune out just about everything around me. I remember when I was in high school and we had TAKS testing(yes I am old), and I would LOVE to finish first so I could turn in my test and grab the book that I was anxiously waiting to dive back into. The teachers would always look at me incredulously as I finished my test in less than an hour and turned it in. I always did very well on the TAKS test, so they couldn’t say that I needed to take more time, which was good for me because I always second guess myself when testing.

All of that to say that I LOVED those testing days because I would get hours of uninterrupted reading time, in a completely silent room, and would generally finish whatever it was that I had chosen to read that day. I loved getting to immerse myself and surface only once I had voraciously devoured yet another story. I’ve since discovered that this is not how most people read and that is profoundly sad to me. I love the escape that a good book provides and I always urge my students to find something to read that they are interested in so that hopefully they can find that same nirvana. One of the 6th graders that I work with found that in the Among the Hidden series, and I loved watching him devour book after book in that series.

I think it is so important to find a genre that you love reading and find an author that you adore. For me, I am pretty flexible in what genre I read. I like it all, from non-fiction biographies to young adult fiction(which is what I write) to sci-fi/fantasy and so on. For young Paige(in intermediate and middle school), Harry Potter and Sabriel were my go-to’s. Honestly both of those series are STILL my go to when I want a story that feels like home. In high school I was a pretty busy person and I pretty much stopped reading for pleasure until after college. However my literary tastes have still stayed very varied. I can still find something that looks interesting to me no matter what genre I am thrust into. My favorite genres though would have to be sci-fi/fantasy and biographies. I love learning about interesting people and the escape to a different world is tantalizing for sci-fi/fantasy,

I look back on those years where I didn’t read for pleasure as a very focused time. I had a huge course load in both high school and college, and I worked a lot in high school and pretty much full time in college and I was involved in many student activities in both high school and college. After college, I rediscovered my love of reading for pleasure and it felt like I had a whole new lease on life. These days, I go through periods where I read at least one book a week and periods where I read a book a month. It honestly depends on what I pick up at the library or at half price books. Right now I am on a Stephen King kick. I picked up Bag of Bones and It, both by Stephen King, to read over spring break. Needless to say, I am enamored of Bag of Bones and I expect that I will have finished it in its entirety before the week is up. Then I will move onto It and be terrified of sewers and clowns and probably Stephen King himself.

So now that you know that I am currently reading, what are you reading? Drop a comment and tell me what to look for next at the library or bookstore! I’m always looking for a good book to dive into!

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