Diving in Head First

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog! Here will be my ramblings, short stories, commentaries on my life and simply an online expression of who I am as an aspiring author.

I have had a story idea floating around in my head for quite some time now, and a few weeks ago I finally built up the courage to leap on in and begin writing(after some much needed motivation by my best friend)! I am making good progress on that front, but I am also trying to branch out and build my writing muscles in many different ways. Hence this blog was born.

So to introduce myself to you poor people who stumbled across this unwittingly, my name is Paige Davis. I am a 20 something native Texan, living in the DFW Metroplex. I am married to my high school sweetheart since November of 2016 and we have two beautiful cats. I have a degree in Classics(Latin and Greek for those of you who studied something practical and not outlandish in college) from Texas A&M University, where I am a member of the class of 2015(WHOOP!). I currently work as a special education paraprofessional and I am pursuing my teaching certification to hopefully someday have my own classroom! I love my job with my whole heart, even on the really hard days.

Actually, working with my students really showed me that I was an ok story teller. I started telling my students silly little stories during snack time and they were generally well received, so I started thinking more and more about longer stories. Now I generally commit the stories to paper before I tell them, but I find that talking my way through what I am writing really shows me where it is going. Sometimes where I think it is going is nowhere near where my characters end up.

I also like to think that story telling is a familial trait on my dad’s side of my family. My paternal grandfather is an absolutely wonderful story teller, with the most fun characters and events that happen, and my dad has written several novels in his lifetime, all of which are absolutely wonderful and I highly encourage you to read! Hopefully I have at least a small smattering of their skill, and I hope that you all read on to see what I can do.

This is probably enough rambling on for now, but I appreciate all of the time that you took to read this!

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